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    Terms & Privacy Policy - How your data is processed

    We process your personal data with respect, in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation and with full transparency for you. You can read much more below if you are interested.

    Data Controller
    Teldust A/S is the responsible data controller for processing the personal data, which we receive from you. Our contact information is:


    Teldust A/S

    Andkærvej 19D

    DK-7100 Vejle

    Central Business Registration (CVR) no.: DK10945283

    Tel: +45 75 72 56 55


    Subcontractors & partners
    We have a couple of subcontractors/partners, who act as data processors for us, e.g. in connection with IT support and webpage development. We have entered into a data processor agreement with our suppliers, which ensures that our subcontractors/partners comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation. In this way, we can ensure that your data is processed securely and correctly and in accordance with legislation.


    What is personal data and what is the purpose of processing personal data?
    Personal data is information that can identify you as a physical person. Here at Teldust A/S, only the following personal data is relevant to our business: Name, work, e-mail address, job title, phone number, place of employment, request by contact sheet and PDF-file.


    Teldust A/S process your personal data when:

    You express an interest in one of our products or our company.
    You are a partner or a supplier.
    You request a PDF-file or fill out the contact sheet.
    You participate in surveys or competitions we have arranged.
    We will send e-mails with relevant information, news and knowledge to those, who active have accepted to receive e-mail from us. You can always withdraw your approval if you change your mind.


    Disclosure to a third party:
    Teldust A/S does not disclose personal data to a third part without your clear consent. There may be situations where disclosing your personal data is necessary to provide you with the best possible service.

    Google (Measuring traffic), Facebook (SoMe integration), Mailchimp (Newsletter), WordPress (CMS) – NO data is passed on or sold to another site and all collected data is only used internally.


    How does Teldust A/S store your personal data?
    Teldust A/S stores and processes your personal data using it systems which secure your personal data against unauthorized access, destruction or from making your personal data public.


    Safety is in focus when choosing the systems and Teldust A/S has entered into a data processor agreement with our partners to ensure that personal data is processed correctly.


    All employees at Teldust A/S have access to your personal data and know how to handle them. We maintain a continuous focus on personal data and IT security.


    Your rights
    You can at any time contact Teldust A/S to get information about which personal data we have collected about you, how we handle it and how we use your data.


    If you wish to correct or delete your personal data please contact Teldust A/S using the contact information below.

    Teldust A/S

    Andkærvej 19D

    DK-7100 Vejle

    Mail: contact@teldust.com

    Phone: +45 75 72 56 55