Cartridge Filters
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Why Choose our solution?

Every industry has specific requirements for a filter system depending on the specific type of dust.

Teldust has delivered thousands of filters for approx. 180 different applications / industries throughout Europe.

We can therefore provide many years of experience and high expertise in the design of all filter systems regardless of industry. This means that a Teldust filter systems is synonymous with high efficiency and reliability.


Our Address:
Teldust A/S 
Storhaven 8, 7100 Vejle      

Teldust A/S

At Teldust A/S we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide and varied standard programme, matching almost any filtering task.

Our standard programme is developed on the basis of our 30 years’ of experience and comprehensive know-how. We at Teldust are not only your supplier of a filter unit for your plant, but also your sparring partner Read more...

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