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Welding & Thermal Cutting

Specially designed dust collectors to suit the cutting environment and process.

The process of welding is such that it creates toxic gases and dust particles that gets generated from metals used in welding process and from substances like flux etc. So the welding industry require effective systems and solutions to capture fumes and to remove them. In some cases these fumes are even more toxic and contaminated and need all the more efficient filtrations. But the fact is, be it any kind of welding fume, it is essentially dangerous or injurious and need effective dust collectors.

Teldust offers an exclusive range of dust collectors and filtration which are used to offer a safe and hygienic environment to the employees working in the welding and thermal cutting industry.

In the thermal cutting process, the cutting action is done by using chemical and physical  reactions or through melting metals. Thermal cutting generates extremely fine dust particles, smoke, slag and other thermally generated particles, which are harmful for employees as well as machineries too. It is very important to filter the particles created in the process of thermal cutting.

Unless adequate dust collection system is used, it is difficult to overcome the harmful thermal rise.  Teldust has some of the most intelligent and specially designed dust collectors to suit the cutting environment and process. Our products are certified and are produced to fulfil environment guidelines too.

In case of Plasma cutting, a high speed plasma gas jet is used to produce high temperature to melt the required material. The process involves in doing so creates dust that can be combustible. Teldust has an extensive range of dust collection products which safely controls fumes in plasma cutting.

In the laser cutting industry, plants use high power light beam to dissolve materials. At times, these plants also utilizes gas jet to blow away liquefied lava. This process generates dust which can be explosive in nature. Tedust has a full range of equipment’s or intelligent dust solutions for fume removal and collection, which can safely regulate the thermally generated emissions from different applications.

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