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The right filtration solution

We have a wide range of dust collectors and filtration solutions for various applications, usages, and conditions. Whether you’re looking for a sizable industrial unit for demanding tasks or a smaller filter solution for light dust filtration, our dust collectors are designed for efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Efficient dust collectors and tailor-made solutions

The Teldust RX Explosion Suppression filter in operation onsite
The Teldust RX Explosion Suppression filter is in operation on site

Many of our systems are designed to handle high-volume dust loads and our systems enhance the quality of air released from industrial or commercial processes by collecting dust, particles, and fumes from the air.

Most of our units can also be customized to your specific needs in multiple ways, including ATEX classification and our team of experts is ready to assist at every turn. Below, you’ll see our range of dust filtration solutions based on platform and application.

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