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Other Industries

We work with companies from various industries

Teldust is leader and provider of high quality dust collectors and intelligent dust solutions for different industries. We have firm grip in industries like Metallurgy and Foundry, Cement and Lime, Chemical, Energetics and Heating, Mineral Processing like stone and rocks, Burning waste, Metal and Food. Besides the above industries, Teldust also cooperates and partners with several other industries to offer them best services. In fact, we go much beyond in serving and catering to our clients outside the above mentioned industries. 

Teldust offers environmental solutions by creating different products to cater to the needs of environment. Our solutions are designed to suit each of the industries specifically. Moreover, our solutions and equipment’s are environment friendly and cost effective too. Our dust collectors resolve all dust related problems irrespective of industries. We offer our best services and resources to our clients and help them eradicate dust hazards.

We help our clients to maintain an eco-efficient production process by allowing them have clean air and dust free environment both within the units or plants as well as the outside surroundings. With the changing times, industries are becoming more and more environment conscious and they want to adhere to the rules being set by the concerned authorities. So, it has become imperative to make their production processes all the more ecological along with making the workplace and the surroundings more efficient, safe and flexible.

So we help our clients to make their work environment as efficient as possible while ensuring them maximum profitability. We ensure that they cater to the highest standards of environment rules and present a dust and fume free place for their employees to work. We believe in offering all-inclusive solution to our customers and help them in each step of installing and maintaining solutions to save the environment.

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